MAGIC – Workshop on Information Commons for Manga, Anime and video Games

Popular culture is growing as an important genre for libraries and museums. Manga, anime and video game are the core types of popular culture in Asia as well as other parts of the world. They, which are called “MAG” in this workshop, are not separated but close related to share their contents, narratives and users. This concept is well known as “media mix” in Japan, “media franchise” in US and Europa and ACG (Anime, Comic and Game) in China.

Especially with the networked information environment, popular culture is becoming a crucial subject domain for creating and sharing resources. There are wide range of stakeholders who contribute to creating, distributing and using MAG contents. Those stakeholders have different perspectives on the contents and their related resources. Sharing information and knowledge about those popular culture contents and resources is crucial because they have been poorly handled by scholarly and library information communities.

This workshop is proposed to discuss issues for creating and sharing information about MAG contents and resources. A primary topic to be discussed in this workshop is metadata for MAG. Metadata covers broad range of information ? from descriptions about a content to a vocabulary to organize MAG resources, and from metadata creation to search and access.